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  • 4 weeks ago by We welcome this new member to our Cattle herd. This Poll Herford Bull is from "Elite Poll Herefords" From Gundy
  • 2 months ago by Spring flowers
  • 2 months ago by Spring in near
  • 3 months ago by Beautiful Pennington Bay ~ Kangaroo Island. Its a 15 minute drive from our farm  #authentickangarooisland   #satc   #seesouthaustralia 
  • 3 months ago by We have Yakka Bush (Kangaroo Island Grass Trees) on our farm There are thousands on Kangaroo Island. The 19/20 December/January
  • 3 months ago by We have a visit from Koalas to our farm every now and then. They spend time eating and sleeping in
  • 3 months ago by Pretty Winter sky's in the Latitude 36 Garden
  • 4 months ago by Preparing our honey & pumpkin chuntey is brings such gorgeous colour and tasty smells  #delicious   #classictasteofthecountry   #authentickangarooisland 
  • 4 months ago by Winter has been a welcome burst of green on our farm. The change of the season is welcoming new life
  • 5 months ago by Keep calm and love rainbows The lovely season of Autumn this year is bringing some needed rain and many gorgeous
  • 6 months ago by They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years
  • 6 months ago by I see a wish. Rain for our winter garden & farm it is.
  • 11 months ago by Latitude 36 farm in summer ~ Dry paddocks, Hay bales & precious water = Healthy happy cows
  • 11 months ago by Our Apple trees are in blossom. Apple trees are the most widely grown fruit trees in the world.  #funfact  We
  • 11 months ago by This Honey BBQ sauce is proving to be popular choice from our Latitude 36 product range. Perfect For all your
  • 11 months ago by Whats for dinner? Fresh from the sea, king George whiting and calarami, with garden salad simply cooked and deliciously dressed
  • 11 months ago by Latitude 36 range at Clifford's Honey farm. Honey is the hero in our products.  @cliffordshoney   @authentickangarooisland   #seesouthaustralia 
  • 1 year ago by Fresh Sage from our garden smells amazing. Sage has a strong aroma and earthy flavor, which is why it’s typically
  • 1 year ago by Our orange tree is in full Blossom. So pretty.
  • 1 year ago by Cuties on the farm with all this lovely green

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